Teachers have always been able to adjust the spiritual teachings to the needs of the age they lived in. When it was necessary, these exceptional spiritual leaders also interpreted the religious traditions and by connecting them to the spiritual customs of that age, made it more actual (or created something entirely new). Therefore, great religions emerged as a result of these necessary reforms. For example: 2,500 years ago, Buddhism formed within the Vedic culture. Five hundred years later Christianity evolved from Judaism. Reforms occurred even within these main religions. Human customs, life and social conditions have radically changed since the founding of these millenary religions. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the connection to the sacred, developed during these ages, has been lost. More signs emphasize that these religious millenary structures and undeniable doctrines don't match the current needs of mankind. Modern spirituality promotes personal experiences instead of faith and direct knowledge instead of doctrine.

The spiritual seeker of the 21st century is not satisfied only with theoretical information; for him, real knowledge means knowing how to act in order to improve the quality of his life. Each aspect of modern lifestyle implies efficiency, success and due to this it’s possible to improve the quality of life and surpass our limits.

The spiritual school that we represent corresponds on all levels with the needs and the possibilities of the modern man, and has been developed from a Tibetan ancestral spiritual tradition. This system, which is adjusted to the needs of contemporary man, is called Prananadi. The current called Prananadi has formed and reached Europe the same way as the ancient techniques that were used and guarded in India in the initial stage of Tibetan Buddhism were taken to Tibet and adapted to that particular cultural conglomerate. This Divine Science has circulated and has continuously adapted over thousands of years to different religious structures without dogmatization. When applying the Prananadi Method, the main focus is on achieving the Spiritual Truths more than it is on learning the theory behind it. This is what distinguishes Prananadi from other spiritual paths. Traditional initiation rites followed by applying the Method guide the practitioner towards a deeper understanding of the Prananadi phenomenon. Consequently, Prananadi is not a path based on religious principles, but an adaptable structure of ancient Enlightenment techniques.

The assimilation of the Dharma language doesn’t only imply an intellectual insight. It requires going into the process of focusing – meditation – contemplation of certain ancestral models formed out of light and sound.

Perceiving the Dharma’s emanations involves attaining different spiritual levels. For example:

-       Practice with healing energies

-       The purification and commuting of subtle elements

-       Opening the path towards knowing our previous lives

-       Accessing the highest meditative states, etc.

The Prananadi Method helps us gradually assimilate this language and achieve all mentioned above.


Prananadi teachings belong to a system that enables a gradual learning and assimilation of the Traditional Tibetan healing method.

Prananadi – 1st level

Prananadi, as any other authentic path, begins with the harmonization of the physical structure. Physically, the 1st level technique purifies the body of toxins. On a physical level it liberates the human energy structure from strains. With the help of the 1st level techniques we can heal and regenerate the body. This is a stage of preparation in order to access higher levels of energy. Practicing the method supports life. The capability to use this energy, conveyed through the initiation ritual, can be used for us and for all sentient beings in order to diminish suffering.

Benefits :

-       Supports life

-       Starts the healing process

-       Increases the level of awareness

-       Helps us become free from mental problems

-       Develops bodily intelligence

Prananadi – 2nd level

The human consciousness processes the stimuli as light shapes (images).The 2nd level teaches us meditation models through which we can transform our negative emotional and mental states. In this way we can free ourselves from a multitude of psychosomatic issues. We have the possibility to become aware of the mental templates and to release ourselves from them. The climax of the meditation is the moment when one can experience the primary state of a clear consciousness. By learning to work with our emotional world, we learn how to transform mental energies. Negative emotional states become positive ones. For example:

  • Discontent becomes the Joy of being
  • Envy becomes contentedness, gratitude
  • Jealousy becomes Self-appreciation, self-confidence

After mastering the 2nd level technique and becoming able to access these spiritual energies, we can extend it to others; in this way, others will benefit from it as well. The real accomplishment of the 2nd level is the first step towards enlightenment.

The Third level and above include highly efficient traditional Tibetan techniques.

 This natural way of healing is arguably one the most wonderful gifts given to us humans.