Healing implies a reorganization of the human being on all levels. This process includes using different energetic qualities. Once the balance is re-created on all levels with the Prananadi method, one can notice a beneficial change in the quality of one’s life. As a result one grows healthier and becomes happier.

 If the techniques of the 1st level are systematically applied on ourselves and on others, we may become increasingly aware of the causes that created the diseases we suffer from, and we grow more and more conscious of the Karmic psychosomatic connections we are ruled by. We can’t separate spiritual development from the improvement of our state of health. In this way our spiritual achievement is perfectly mirrored by the well-being of our physical body, mental clarity and emotional harmony. When a chronic disease is treated with the 1st level technique, we will notice a fast improvement in the general health condition of the patient. However, as the disease was already deeply rooted into the psyche, a longer time or higher level techniques are necessary for a complete recovery on all levels. Sometimes, the energetic clogs and the toxins in the tissues are suddenly removed by the subtle energies of the Prananadi method. The time of healing depends on age and the psychic condition of the patient, as well as on how much the patient is willing to change something in his lifestyle, and last but not least, on the Karma of the patient, which is his capability of receiving the healing energy.

 The actual healing always requires the conscious contribution of the patient during the healing process. A patient who wants to improve the quality of his life at all levels starts on the fascinating path of knowledge, which involves influences from past existences and the purification of the subtle elements which create the present embodiment. The impurities of the subtle elements, which manifest themselves in a personality disorder can be transformed in this way:

-  The restructuring of the Earth element in the body entails the transformation of avidity into altruism

-  The purification of the Water element in the body entails the transformation of envy into kindness

-  The stimulation of the Fire element in the body entails the transformation of pride into humbleness

-  Restoring the Air element in the body entails the transformation of hate into love

 - Following the recovery of the Space element’s full potential, wisdom will replace ignorance

Achieving these stages gradually facilitates experiencing the pure nature of consciousness (Rigpa) which is the absolute state of health. 


  • reduces the stress of nerves
  • corrects negative mental and emotional states
  • special techniques help reduce addiction/substance abuse (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • supports the self-healing process of the body
  • helps the healing process and the regeneration of the body’s organs and tissues, egg. after surgery or prolonged illness
  • removal of cysts, kidney- and gallstones, without surgery
  • helps in the treatment of cancer
  • completely removes or alleviates pain
  • increases the vitality supply; has refreshing, stimulating effects
  • expands human values and enhances personality

With the help of this traditional Tibetan method you can achieve efficient results in healing headaches, migraines, thyroid problems, arthritis, cartilages, spinal pain; cardiac, circulatory and digestive disorders, menstrual cycle deviations, neurological problems, depression, and the list is ongoing.






Frequently Asked Questions
What is Prananadi?
It’s a set of techniques which rely on Tibetan spiritual tradition. It’s a new method, designed to meet the modern man needs. The sanscrit name of the method is Prananadi, which can be translated in Tibetan as Tza-Lung. By assimilating the Prananadi method, each student/disciple can develop his maximum health potential and thus become able to understand and receive answers to the existentially questions such as: Who am I? Where I come from? Why am I here? Which is my purpose/mission in this life? Prananadi is not just about theory, but is offering instead some methods to directly experience certain truths through which you can find out the answers to all of the above questions.
What can I learn at Prananadi?
Prananadi is a traditional Tibetan healing technique and also a path towards spiritual development. Accordingly, the technique is structured on several levels, gradually allowing us to learn different methods that will help us in improving our physical, emotional and mental health, in self awareness and personality development. We learn stress management techniques which help in combating and transforming the negative thoughts into positive ones, but also the pessimism and depression, etc. We learn how to help ourselves and gradually how to help others.
Who can treat me if I have health problems or I want to experience the method?
Generally or for smaller problems, one can receive treatments from all those that attended the courses and were initiated in Prananadi method. If more special health issues, one can receive treatments from those therapists that have been accredited by Prananadi Master.
How many treatments are required to heal a disease?
Generally, 10 healing sessions are recommended, however, there are health problems that can be solved even with 2-3 sessions. Each case and individual necessities must be separately examined.
How long does a healing session last?
Healing technique adjusts to each health problem. Treatment duration depends on the problem. Example: For detox, loading and regeneration of the entire organism – 1.5 h Osteoporosis - 45 min Regeneration of nervous system - 45 min Energy surgery, skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular systems healing, tumours – 20-30 min Each case must be personally tackled and adjust the healing time accordingly. (all mentioned above are generalities). It’s not sure that the method can heal all diseases. It is recommended to use it as a complimentary method.
Where can I register for a Prananadi healing session?
You can register following our e-mail address: or calling: +358 41 7284675 (someone will talk with you in English).
Can I also learn Prananadi method?
Yes, of course. Anyone willing to improve his health condition, become more aware and spiritually develop through Tibetan traditional methods, can learn the method. For an easier assimilation, this ancestral knowledge is divided into different levels and topics.
How do Prananadi courses help us?
First of all, attending Prananadi courses helps us in knowing our energy system and in working with different energy qualities for increasing the energy level. It helps in mental personal development, giving us the chance to learn Tibetan traditional medicine methods to improve our health condition. Moreover, allows us to receive the capacity to help others ( those that want to be helped).
How is this method divided?
This method is divided on several levels. At each level, you can receive teachings specialized in certain areas. Between two courses we organize retreats/guided sessions where you can deepen the teachings learned during the course and receive new information and methods on how to apply the technique.
How does a course carry out?
Usually one course lasts two days (during the weekend) – and it takes place between 9:00 – 18:00 – including one hour for lunch break). During the course, participants will receive theoretical information, but the main focus is on assimilating the practical part of the teachings. The energies are conveyed through Tibetan traditional initiations. (similar to Tza-Lung).
Where and in which language are the courses held?
Spain– Spanish; France – French; Finland – English (with finish translation). On demand and with participants support, we can organize courses in other European countries as well.