The Prananadi Reincarnation Technique

 With the help of the Prananadi Reincarnation Technique a natural meditative state of mind is relatively easily induced. This allows the unconscious memories that were shut out to become conscious memories again, and for the related mental tension and negative feelings to dissolve. With this technique, traumas from the present or previous life can be dissoluted, thus the emotional tension connected to the trauma will lose the coercive effects of Karma, which are the cause of daily conflict and disease of the physical body. The key feature of this technique is - unlike hypnosis or other psychedelic substances - that the feelings and senses are awake during the application of the technique, and the person remains conscious all the time; thus one’s own will and self-control are not restricted.

 This technique also has a safety system which takes into account the burden it exerts upon the mental holding ability of the individual, only disclosing as much trauma as the person can handle and mend at that given point in time. In addition, under controlled conditions – the technique allows communication with the Supreme Self or the Spiritual Guide.


Among other things, the Tibetan Reincarnation Technique also teaches the following:

1.  For the cleansing of the soul and dissolution of traumas

  •  Traumas generate psychosomatic diseases 
  •  lower concentration potential
  •  create insomnia and nightmares                  
  •  lack of self-confidence
  •  cause panic attacks                                   
  •  lack of initiative
  •  phobias                                            
  •  low immunity
  •  inexplicable pains

We can improve our health by disbanding the cause of these afflictions. Therefore, this technique can be used as a healing method as well. 

2. To reveal the Karmic course of action

  • We can understand and make sense of recurring situations in our life
  • We can become aware of the cause of Karmic illnesses and mistakes and discover how to solve them
  • We can achieve spiritual purity
  • We can develop the power to forgive

3. To reconnect with helping entities from the spiritual plane

4Transforming negative Karma particles into positive ones

5. Access to other people’s previous lives 

6. How to project one’s Conscience outward

7. Learning how to direct the reincarnation cycle


The Tibetan Reincarnation Technique comprises 5 parts, which are described below:

 The first level gives participants the opportunity and the ability to guide others to relive earlier events of their lives or some of the traumatizing situations from their previous lives. It also enables the participant to experience one of their previous lives, from birth to death, under careful guidance.

The correct application of the technique protects both parties equally, the participant as well as the guide; it helps you relive events from previous lives which can be psychologically dissolved by the person. The best way to dissolve our present life traumas is to apply the first level.

The Second level makes it possible for us to help others to dissolve Karmic imprints from their previous lives. With this technique, we can identify in previous lives the causes of major events in our present life.

Understanding the causal connection between previous lives and the present one can lead us to experiences which can help dissolve confusion in our everyday life.

The Prananadi Reincarnation second level technique allows participants an effective self-improvement. This method teaches us advanced meditation techniques which enable us to access information or events from our previous lives.

 The third level technique enables self-regression, and gives the practitioner the ability to use the healing power which allows healing psychosomatic illnesses. We can get insight into others’ previous lives that connect to ours or affect our own. The technique also makes it possible to identify causal connections, illnesses linked to our Karma. Through meditation we can connect with different spiritual beings, and we can also project our mind outside of the physical body (outer body experience, astral travel, etc.)





The booklet emphasizes the benefits of applying the 1st level of Tibetan Reincarnation Technique for ourselves and for others. By practicing 2nd and 3rd levels you take the next step towards rediscovering yours and others past reincarnations with the purpose to reveal the karmic process. The Reincarnation method goes even deeper with the last 2 levels and enables personality development and spiritual evolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can this method help me if the past is behind me?
By means of the technique, one can reappraise the past events, process the traumas and become free of its unpleasant influences. Reincarnation method can be used for three general purposes: - For therapy, traumas healing, phobias release, self destructive mental programs transcription, distress release, etc. - To obtain information, knowledge from actual and past lives background, such as: understanding the karmic nature of human relationships (sympathy/antipathy) - To spiritually develop through reliving the high states of consciousness achieved in previous lives.
How will I benefit from going back in the past?
The present is the result of the past. The past can’t be changed anymore. We can only change the effect of the past on the present. For example: We can’t delete an aggression, a negative deed or an offense from the past, which still causes distress in the present. However, with the aid of the method we can accomplish forgiveness for real, thereby, free ourselves both from the aggressor and the suffering caused by him.
Who can help me with a reincarnation session?
All those that attended the courses and received initiations in Prananadi reincarnation method. If more special problems, one can helped by those therapists that have been accredited by Prananadi Master.
Who can or can’t benefit from a reincarnation session?
All those that are at least 18 years old, those are willing to receive therapy, those that manifest psychosomatic illnesses or want to be free of anxiety, those that are curious to find out information about their previous lives and where the feeling of „ I think I know you” comes from, etc. can benefit from a reincarnation session.
Who can or can’t benefit from a reincarnation session?
All those that are at least 18 years old, those are willing to receive therapy, those that manifest psychosomatic illnesses or want to be free of anxiety, those that are curious to find out information about their previous lives and where the feeling of „ I think I know you” comes from, etc. can benefit from a reincarnation session. All those that are under 18 years old, pregnant women, those that suffer from critical eye illness and any other disease categories in which sport is not recommended, persons who have been admitted to psychiatric or are under psychiatric treatment, can’t benefit from a reincarnation session.
During a session, can I see things that can harm me?
There is no risk and benefits are guaranteed, as long as the technique is applied according to the rules learned during the reincarnation course. On the other hand, this method, like any other Prananadi method, has maximum protection both for the patient and the therapist.
What will be the level of my consciousness during the reincarnation session and how much will I remember afterwards?
The patient remains conscious during the whole Reincarnation session (this is not a method that lowers or limits the consciousness). Contrariwise, at the end of the session, the patient will be able to remember everything he saw or experienced. Some information may still occur the coming days after the session.
Where can I register for a Reincarnation session?
You can register following our e-mail address: or calling: +358 41 7284675 (someone will talk with you in English)
Who can learn this method?
All Prananadi students, who want to learn and to be free of the cause of the problems they are struggling with, in the long run, will reach to the conclusion that the root of their karmic suffering is not coming from this life. By assimilating Reincarnation method, they can become aware and free of these subtleties. On the other hand, thirst for self-knowledge can also be an incentive to start this way. In order to attend first Reincarnation course, it is recommended for the student to benefit from 2nd or 2nd+ Prananadi healing level’s knowledge.
How is this method divided?
This method is divided on several levels. At each level, you can receive teachings specialized in certain areas. Between two courses we organize retreats/guided sessions where you can deepen the teachings learned during the course and receive new information and methods on how to apply the technique.
How does a course carry out?
Usually one course lasts two days (during the weekend) – and it takes place between 9:00 – 18:00 – including one hour for lunch break). During the course, participants will receive theoretical information, but the main focus is on assimilating the practical part of the teachings. The energies are conveyed through Tibetan traditional initiations. (similar to Tza-Lung).
Where and in which language are the courses held?
Spain– Spanish; France – French; Finland – English (with finish translation). On demand and with participants support, we can organize courses in other European countries.
How is a Reincarnation session performed?
First, the therapist uses a special energy through which the patient can access the past. He begins to see the most important events from his actual or a previous life. He will chronologically see images of events and by reliving these events, he can become aware of everything that happened then. It’s possible that through a divided consciousness he relives bodily sensations, emotional states, relives the moment as if he was still there.
How long does a Reincarnation session takes?
A Reincarnation session can last between 1.5 h and 2 h.