Prananadi Teacher: Ujlaky Gyula Tibor

Spiritual learning it is based on direct experience and not on conviction

Spiritual learning it is based on direct experience and not on conviction

Tibor Gy. Ujlaky has conveyed the Tibetan Healing Technique for almost 20 years and has become the Teacher and Spiritual Guide of thousands of disciples who have regained their physical, emotional and mental health by practicing the method and following his teachings.

By the time he turned 21, while experiencing some powerful and profound spiritual realizations, he felt that his life had changed. Following his transformation, he decided to help other people too. He has chosen to guide them through the path of initiation in this sacred method.

 Based on his teachings we learned the importance of self-accomplishment through self-healing. He has always heartened us, his disciples, to work intensively in order to prevent unpleasant situations, but also with the purpose of healing our past sufferings which, over time, have created diseases and destructive mental and emotional programs.

 In the presence of the Teacher, many of his disciples have accessed a profound state of meditation, experiencing the pure nature of consciousness. In this perfect state, we became aware of essential life aspects, followed by important shifts in our lives.

 His most precious support is that he has taught us how to help ourselves, regardless of where we are and without using any outer source. Furthermore, he has taught us how to help others in need.

 Altogether, people come to learn the Tibetan Healing Technique out of curiosity, they experience it and they choose to remain by his side.

 "Oh monks and sages,

As the goldsmith controls his gold

by thawing, beating and tucking it,

You should test my words not just accept them

only because I said so ..."