Teachings and Blessings

Since the beginnings of the human race on earth, there have been differences between individuals, groups and nations in regarding the quality and quantity of knowledge. Also, there are differences in terms of their ability to implement the acquired knowledge.

On a personal level, the ensemble of the acquired capacities in the present life and of the accumulated ones from previous lives has a leading role in our existence. Also, in order to improve our physical existence, we should obviously benefit from all available sources and all available knowledge, which lead to heightened levels of consciousness.

This is why we are in need of all this knowledge that can help us alleviate our physical existence and heighten our mental awareness as well. Prananadi has been used to achieve this since ancient times, and it is one of the ways that leads to such sources of knowledge.

The Language of the Dharma

The thought process of the human mind works either with visual images - namely with bright light patterns - or with concepts linked to words - namely sound units. The human mental reality is the reflection of this process.In one of the ancient Tibetan Tantric works it is asserted that the bright light patterns and the sound quantum sent forth by the Cosmic Consciousness create a unique and harmonious sign system which is in profound harmony with the special forces, characteristics and capacities of the human consciousness. 

Let us call this sign system the Language of the Dharma.This language might help to render the basic pieces of information of Creation, in the form of inputs, to the deepest levels of the human consciousness.This knowledge is summarized in the Prananadi technique.To learn the Dharma sign system is not only an intellectual activity; this technique of enlightenment comprises of concentration, step-by-step meditation and contemplation, paving, thus, the way back to the Edenic state of life.

Working with the ancestral light and sound unit sign systems, one might learn how to activate those energetic fields which are analogues to the basic system of the human consciousness.

When we are in meditation, the technique allows us to create in our consciousness  the energy field called the Buddha Field, through which we get to realize long forgotten spiritual principles. This special energetic field helps one recognize, and step-by-step recreate the basic health patterns.

To conclude with, the emanations of the Cosmic Consciousness - hidden in the Language of the Dharma - reminds Consciousness of its basic self-perfection.The Prananadi technique leads one's steps on the path of this process.


Frequently Asked Questions
How can I master Prananadi method?
This knowledge is structured on different levels. Generally, after attending a course and receiving the initiation, the knowledge deepens if the student applies everything that he learned. Prananandi student can attend a course or a guided session each month, to enable the assimilation of the method. First of all, one must master the first level of Healing technique. After 2nd+ level graduation, one can attend the 1st level of Reincarnation method.
Can I learn more about oriental philosophy in Prananadi?
We don’t study philosophy in Prananadi, the theory summarizes the practical knowledge of received methods and the application of initiated energies. By gradually mastering the Prananadi method, each student/disciple can develop the maximum awareness potential and thus become able to understand the phenomenon of Samsara.
Which is the main purpose of Prananadi teaching?
With the help of Prananadi teaching the nadis purifies ( the energy channels through which we are connected to creation) and energy fields reorganize. By returning to our ancestral condition, it becomes possible to release our consciousness of any constraint, thus achieving the utmost state of health.